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Malnutrition: Another Weight Problem?

As part of the joint action to fight malnutrition –supported by the European Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ESPEN) , the European Nutrition for Health Alliance (ENHA) and the Medical Nutrition International Industries (MNI) – the production company Kontinent Film & TV has developed a short film that you can download here.

The short film (6.30 min.) “Malnutrition – Another Weight Problem” draws attention to the under-recognized problem of malnutrition arguing that it should have a far more prominent role on the public health agenda.

Involving renowned international experts and patient case studies, the film highlights the scale and health implications of the problem, as well as the importance of screening for malnutrition. As the film makes clear, specialized nutrition can not only combat malnutrition, it can also mitigate its resource use and costs to healthcare systems associated with managing patients with malnutrition. Above all, concerted action of healthcare professionals, politicians and patients/caregivers is required to decrease the prevalence of malnutrition and its impact.

If you are having trouble viewing the film it can also be accessed here:


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