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Air, Water, Nutrition: It’s A Basic Need

Malnutrition is a condition in which a deficiency, excess or imbalance of food intake, protein and other nutrients causes measurable adverse effects on tissue, body form (shape, size or composition), function, clinical outcome and quality of life.

Studies have shown that up to 40% of people are malnourished upon admission to hospital. Malnutrition is severely unrecognised in the community, hospitals and nursing homes and is a particular problem in ageing populations.

In Europe, malnutrition continues to compromise the quality of life, health and wellbeing of individuals, delays the speed of recovery from disease and increase mortality. The impact on the population is significant, as is the burden to individuals and their carers and the economic impact on the health and social care system.

Yet awareness of this issue is low - not only amongst the general public, but within the social and health professions and amongst health care managers, health insurers, patients, policymakers and politicians.

Agenda 2008-2009 - Action Is Urgently Needed

*Appropriate nutrition and nutritional care are key indicators for quality of life, disease prevention and sustainable health

*Nutritional care is not just a cost but part of the health solution

*Mandatory screening for all risk groups

*Nutritional care in all curricula of health and social care professionals

*Guidelines for all health and social care professionals

ENHA is working to promote Good Nutritional Health through Policy Priorities

Recent activities include:

*Call for Action: The Prague Declaration by ENHA members
Determined to Tackle Malnutrition Together, ESPEN Conference 2007

*European Parliament
-Consultations MEPs to include malnutrition in future EU health policies
White Paper Obesity, Nutrition and Physical Activity
White Paper Together for Health 2008 - 2013

*European Commission
-Conference Belgian government and ENHA, Brussels, November 22-23, 2007: Key note speech by DG Robert Madelin, in which he opens the door towards a more holistic approach of EU policies in health and nutrition

-Dialogue with the European Commission DG Sanco and DG Employment to explore opportunities for
Connecting ENHA activities to existing EU work programmes
Co-funding for research and/or implementation activities

Re-branding campaign
*Re-branding malnutrition into a positively defined EU wide health promotion and education campaign: Air, Water, Nutrition: Its a Basic Need launched at ESPEN conference September 2008, Firenze
Malnutrition must be considered as a disease in its own right or as a consequence of other conditions. In both cases, its impact on public health and society is considerable

ENHA launches new campaign on good nutrition
Malnutrition referenced six times in White Paper on Nutrition adopted by EP today


European Nutrition for Health Alliance flyer- Nutrition is a basic need (pdf)

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European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing

Ensuring Good Nutrition in Europe - Nutrition is a basic need

MNI in partnership with ESPEN awarded prize for fighting malnutrition

MEP hosts working lunch in partnership with ENHA

A short film drawing attention to malnutrition

Disease related nutrition and malnourishment prioritised

ENHA joins in call for an end to Malnutrition

The ENVI Committee of the European Parliament votes to include malnutrition as a key priority in