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Action Group / Age Related Undernutrition in Europe


The European Commission published an 'Invitation for Commitments' for the European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing on 29 February. In this Invitation 'health authorities, patient groups, businesses, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, older people, and other stakeholders' are encouraged to form partnerships with the aim of mobilising sufficient resources in support of one or more of the Specific Actions defined in the Strategic Implementation Plan.

The invitation looks for 'measured and concrete engagements' from these partnerships, to build momentum behind the Specific Actions proposed in the Plan, and deliver on the Plan's objectives.

The European Nutrition for Health Alliance (ENHA) and its members invite interested parties to join one of these partnerships, in an Action Group addressing Age Related Undernutrition in Europe (AG/ARUE).

The ARUE Action Group will support Specific Action 3 of the Strategic Implementation Plan; Action For Prevention of Functional Decline And Frailty.

Subject to the agreement of its partners, the Action Group will focus exclusively on advocacy and implementation actions in support of two simple and achievable goals:

1. Standardise and embed the practice of routine nutritional screening of older patients at risk of undernutrition in hospitals and care homes in the EU, and necessary follow-up, including appropriate treatments;

2. For older persons living independently who may be at similar risk, stimulate research and pilot projects in the EU to study the potential benefits of screening and follow-up in the community.


ENHA welcomes interested parties to join the Action Group.

On April 12, EU patient organizations EPF (European Patients’ Forum) and EGAN (European Patients Network for Medical Research and Health) and ENHA will sign a memorandum of understanding regarding their future collaboration also in the context of the ARUE Action Group.


Prof. Olle Llungqvist, Chairman
Frank de Man, Secretary General
Brussel, 3 April 2012


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