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Oral Nutritional Supplements to tackle malnutrition

Please note that this report supersedes a previous version from July 2010.

Malnutrition, specifically under-nutrition which is typically associated with disease,continues to impair the lives of thousands of people around the globe.  MNI’s key objective is to further the “Fight Against Malnutrition” through the translation of nutrition research into standard clinical practice.  Some of the milestones MNI strives to reach include increased awareness about the relevance of malnutrition, the implementation of routine screening in various settings, and the implementation of standards for nutritional care.  MNI makes every effort to support collaborations between  Health Care Professionals, dedicated societies, and regulatory authorities with the ultimate aim of improving the nutritional care and health of people in a variety of settings.

As part of its ongoing efforts, MNI has compiled a dossier and summary booklet giving the latest information relating to the important role that Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) play in tackling malnutrition.  Click here to access the latest facts on:

  • the prevalence, causes and consequences of malnutrition and its economic implications
  • the beneficial role of ONS in the fight against malnutrition, resulting in reduced mortality, complications and rates of readmission
  • a collation of guidelines and good practice examples demonstrating the effective use of ONS in the fight against malnutrition

A summary booklet of this document is available for download below. The full document can be accessed on the MNI website.

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