The European Nutrition for Health Alliance



Report of the 1st Optimal Nutritional Care for All Conference, 4th/5th November 2014, Brussels

A summary document of the activities and action of ENHA

A new leaflet promoting the work of the European Nutrition for Health Alliance has been published. 

A booklet produced by ENHA with EPF and EGAN

Paper on the role of the dietitian in the prevention and management of nutrition-related disease in the older adults

A summary of the evidence base

Summary of the evidence base from the Medical Nutrition International Industry (MNI)

Leading policy-makers and nutrition experts call for EU-wide mandatory nutritional risk screening at EU NutritionDay Conference 2010

On 11th June ENHA joined with the Czech Presidency of the EU, EU health ministries, ESPEN, health care professionals and health insurance groups to call for an end to malnutrition.