The European Nutrition for Health Alliance



Ensuring Good Nutrition in Europe - EP working lunch 11th November 2008

European Health Strategy 2008-2013 vote to include malnutrition

European Nutrition for Health Alliance (ENHA) launches campaign to highlight the challenge of malnutrition in society

Professor Marinos Elia, Chair of BAPEN, accepted the award at the ESPEN Conference (Florence, 15 September 2008)

Air, Water, Nutrition: Its a Basic Need

This morning the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament votes to include malnutrition as a key priority in the 2008-2013 EU Health Strategy.

Prior to the votes on the Together for Health White Paper, political group EPP-ED mention malnutrition.

The Netherlands College for Health Insurances recommends to employers to include medical nutrition in their basic benefits packages.

European ageing population and nutrition according to the World Health Organisation