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ENHA representatives call on WHO EURO Ministerial Conference to highlight undernutrition in forthcoming Action Plan

Representatives from ENHA attended, in an observer capacity, the WHO EURO Ministerial Conference on Nutrition and Non Communicable Diseases in the Context of Health 2020. The objective of the meeting was to define and agree a Declaration that will be delivered to all 53 WHO EURO Member States, to be adopted at the WHO EURO Executive Committee in September, as well as providing WHO EURO the political mandate to define and later implement the future Food and Nutrition Plan 2014-2020.

ENHA delivered extensive input into the plan, promoting the need for inclusion of undernutrition as a priority, and an agenda of nutritional assessment, interventions, counselling and care.

The Declaration includes substantial elements of ENHA's input - see:

paragraph 5: "A mandate to tackle undernutrition, alongside overweight and obesity, in the WHO EURO Food and Nutrition Action Plan 2014 – 2020."

paragraph 14: "Reinforce health systems to promote health and provide services for

• Nutritional interventions including counseling and care

• Nutritional assessment and intervention procedures

• Specific needs for risk groups, especially the needs of the aged population."

The full declaration and ENHA's recommendations to the Action Plan are available to downlaod below.




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