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ENHA have released a report presenting an overview of the first Optimal Nutritional Care for All conference. It outlines the ambition of the conference and the commitment signed by all attendees to meet the challenge of undernutrition.

On the 4-5th November 2014 representatives from eight countries in Europe joined the European Nutrition for Health Alliance (ENHA) and its partners to discuss how to ensure ‘Optimal Nutrition Care for All’ in healthcare systems across Europe. The conference focused on shared learning, developing new ideas and milestones for achievement in developing National Nutritional Care Plans.

The report highlights how national representatives and European stakeholders at the conference worked together to develop areas of focus and measures of achievement on a national level. The national representatives comprised of four ‘focus’ countries (Croatia, Germany, Spain and Turkey)  and four ‘observer’ countries (France, Israel, Poland and Slovenia) who shared experiences and insights to support development of their own National plans.

The report also highlights the input given at the conference by European patient groups (the European Genetic Alliances Network and European Patients’ Forum), the European Commission, WHO Euro, and the Joint Programming Initiative ‘A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life’.  

It also includes the ‘dreams and motivations’ of the delegates for better nutritional care in their country, and highlights how at the close of the conference, participants were invited to sign the Charter for Optimal Nutritional Care for All;  pledging commitment to a world where every patient who is malnourished or at risk of undernutrition is systematically screened and has access to appropriate, equitable, high quality nutritional care.

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