The European Nutrition for Health Alliance



Air, Water, Nutrition: Its a Basic Need

Air and Water are essential to life. Good nutrition plays an equally vital role in providing energy and nutrients for life, health and well being.

On 15th September the European Nutrition for Health Alliance (ENHA) launched its latest campaign Air, Water Nutrition: Its a Basic Need at the ESPEN conference in Firenze. The campaign aims to draw attention to and raise awareness of malnutrition and the need for appropriate nutritional care.

ENHA Secretary General Frank de Man joined with ESPEN Chair and ENHA
Co-Chair Professor Olle Ljungqvist to highlight the need for urgent action in tackling malnutrition in Europe, emphasising that good nutritional care can be key in ensuring good quality of life and preventing disease. Malnutrition is an unnecessary burden to individuals, families and carers as well as a preventable cost in health and social care, action is needed to ensure good nutrition remains a priority across all settings.