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The Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) was founded during the third European Nutrition conference held in Uppsala, Sweden, held on 19th – 21th June 1979 and is a no profit federation consisting of 25 European nutrition societies, each representing one country.

The purpose of FENS is to promote the importance of nutrition for public health in Europe and since 1979 it has

The 1st International Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health Congress (IPANHEC) will take place in Antalya, Turkey from 23-26 November 2011. The congress will look at a number of topics related to physical activity and nutrition including chronic disease, physical fitness, weight management and psychological well-being.

For more information, please see: the conference website.

For information about this event, please download a copy of the report below.

NutritionDay conference in the European Parliament entitled Micro-nutrient deficiencies and malnutrition: Solutions for key public health challenges"

PRESS RELEASE: Tuesday 9 November 2010
Leading policy-makers and nutrition experts call for EU-wide mandatory nutritional risk screening at EU NutritionDay Conference 2010

20 million EU citizens suffer from malnutrition;
The health-related

The 2010 Annual Conference of BAPEN will take place on November 2nd / 3rd and the theme will be malnutrition. Symposia will include different topics like options in enteral feeding, micronutrients, intestinal failure and peri-operative feeding.

For more information please visit the BAPEN website: or download the flier of the event:

Evidence is the underlying theme of the EFAD 5th DIETS conference, which will take place in Barcelona on 21-22 October 2011.

The conference will explore the principles of gathering evidence, asking what kind of evidence is relevant for dietitians and where can it be found, teaching our students to be evidence-based practitioners, building competences, using Life Long Learning to build

Protein energy metabolism in ageing and chronic diseases: role of nutrition and physical activity

The Human Nutrition Research Center of Auvergne (CRNH) has organised the first International Congress of Translational Research in Human Nutrition on the occasion of the "Auvergne Nutrition 2010" event. The Congress will address protein-energy metabolism disturbances caused by aging and diseases

5th NutritionDay in European Hospitals

The 5th NutritionDay in Europe initiative will take place on 21st January 2010. The aim of this international project is to compare the assessment of malnutrition in European hospitals and to improve knowledge and awareness of nutritional care of hospitalised patients. Each year a one day cross-sectional multicentre audit is carried out and the bases of