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The successfully informative BAPEN conference returns this October to Cardiff, Wales on the 13th and 14th October 2009.

Topics include:

  • The Six Nations Replay  tackling malnutrition at home and abroad: news from England, Wales, Scotland, N Ireland and Europe.
  • Under-nutrition and nutritional support in the community.
  • Salt and water: new consensus guidelines for patient

Current nutrition and health situation in Europe in the International Congress of Nutrition

The annual European Nutrition and Health Report (ENHR) will be presented to the scientific community during the 19th International Congress of Nutrition held in Bangkok on 4-9 October 2009.

The ENHR aims to identify the major nutrition and related health problem in the European Union and to identify

The third annual conference of Dietitians Improving the Education and Training and Standards (DIETS) will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on 23-24 September 2009. This year, there will be a particular emphasis on lifelong learning as an important way of making sure that all dietitians are well informed and able to make an even more significant contribution to improving health through nutrition.

The next annual Espen congress of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism will be held in Nice to spread exciting scientific news, to promote debates and a comprehensive educational programme, giving the chance to nutrition professional and research to interact constructively.

For more information, download the flyer of the event below:

31st Congress: Nutrition Networking - From the Cell to Europe
ESPEN invites you to their 31st Congress 2009:

"Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the Austrian Society for Clinical Nutrition (AKE) it is a pleasure and a privilege to invite you to the 31st ESPEN Congress on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism to be held in Vienna from August 29th to September 1st, 2009. Located in the heart of a

Food as integral part of medicine.

The Congress is the joint annual meeting of the German Society for Nutritional Medicine Association (DGEM), the Austrian Association for Clinical Nutrition (AKE) and the Society for Clinical Nutrition in Switzerland (GESKE). The scientific conference program is built upon the main pillars of perioperative nutrition, obesity, metabolic syndrome, malnutrition

A conference about how nutrition affects children and their mothers.

Food and Behaviour Research will host Feeding a Better Future: Mothers' and Children's Diets to explore how food and nutrition impact the behaviour, learning and mood of mothers and their children. The conference will tackle the following questions:

  1. Why do we still eat such poor diets amidst all of the media

A one-day professional conference about the influence of food and the importance of healthy eating.

Eating for Health, Mental Performance and Wellbeing is a one-day professional conference hosted by Food and Behaviour Research (FAB) to address the following issues:

  • How does food affect our brains?
  • How does the modern diet impact our mental performance and wellbeing?
  • Why are many

The Institute for Optimal Nutrition (ION) will host The Nutritional Needs of Mankind Conference on 4 April 2009. The conference will include a variety of speakers who will debate how the nation can achieve "maximum health through maximum nutrition."

Specific topics include:

  • The impact of farming and manufacturing practices on food distribution quality.
  • How improved nutrition can be

April-May 2009

The Group on Nutrition & Sheltered Housing (GNASH) in association with CSHS created the Addressing Malnutrition seminar series to address malnutrition among people over age 65 and to talk about the responsibility of Sheltered Housing to increase awareness regarding nutrition and the effects of malnutrition. The one-day seminars will explore how to recognise the signs and

4th Nutrition Day will take place on 29th January 2009 - Join in!

Nutrition day is a one-day cross-sectional audit which takes place in 31 countries. It aims to improve knowledge and awareness of malnutrition by using a simple screening test for nutritional risk.

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