The European Nutrition for Health Alliance



Nutritional Screening Implementation Conference 2014 “Optimal Nutritional Care for All” - November 4 & 5, Brussels

The “Optimal Nutritional Care for All” (ONCA) conference will be a working conference to bring together multiple stakeholders from focus and observer countries to look at existing status and challenges, explore opportunities and agree on future priorities in order to drive improvement in delivery of optimal nutritional care for all. The objectives of the conference are:

  • To inspire and facilitate selected countries to form or strengthen national multi-stakeholder alliances to focus on implementation of “optimal nutritional care for all”
  • To benchmark current state of play of nutritional care in selected focus countries
  • To align and consolidate the European / ENHA strategy and recommended actions with key stakeholder platforms per country
  • To implement the agreed strategy and specific actions per country
  • To define and deploy measures of progress and impact per year

Delegates from both the focus and observer countries will attend, including healthcare professional associations, hospital associations, patient groups and industry partners active in the field of clinical nutrition. In addition, there will be some representation from countries who have already made significant strides in improving nutritional care, as well as representatives of the ENHA members.

The conference will be used as a catalyst to create awareness on these important issues, while simultaneously strengthening the national alliances in focus countries, benchmarking the current state of play in these countries and agreeing priority actions and KPIs to drive appropriate nutritional care at national level. The priority is to inspire and promote nationally driven initiatives, aligned to existing activities, with the approach tailored per country. The conference also aims to inspire observer countries to become next focus countries.