The European Nutrition for Health Alliance


Welcome to the ENHA...

The European Nutrition for Health Alliance works with key stakeholders to improve nutritional care across Europe by actively promoting:

1. Implementation of nutrition risk screening across Europe
2. Public awareness
3. Appropriate reimbursement policies
4. Medical education

With our large network of members, partners and expertise giving a truly European perspective, ENHA is at the forefront of developing good nutritional practice.

The Optimal Nutritional Care for All (ONCA) campaign

ENHA is the driving force behind the Optimal Nutritional Care for All (ONCA) campaign, which is a multi-stakeholder initiative launched in 2014 to facilitate greater screening for risk of disease-related malnutrition/undernutrition and nutritional care implementation across Europe.  The ONCA campaign aims to engage with diverse stakeholders in selected focus countries to:

  • Encourage them to form/strengthen a national alliance of stakeholders and develop national nutritional care plan
  • Facilitate these stakeholders to benchmark current status in order to develop an aligned view on the current state of play with respect to nutritional care in a given country
  • Bring these stakeholders together at an Implementation Conference
  • Use this event to define and reconfirm the nutritional care strategies for subsequent implementation at national level

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Action Group / Age Related Undernutrition in Europe

European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing

Air, Water, Nutrition: It’s A Basic Need

Ensuring Good Nutrition in Europe - Nutrition is a basic need

BAPEN’s Malnutrition Matters campaign wins major European Award

MNI in partnership with ESPEN awarded prize for fighting malnutrition


ENHA and MNI release a memorandum of understanding to define and formalise the collaboration between the two organisations.

Dates of annual event dedicated to food, health and nutrition announced.

ENHA have released 'Optimal Nutritional Care for All: Turning Dreams into Reality' a summary report from ONCA workshop in Dubrovnik on April 17th 2015.

Below are a selection of photos from the ONCA meeting in Dubrovnik on the 17th April. The meeting brought together representatives from all of the ONCA countries (Croatia, France, Germany, Israel, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey) to hear updates on each other’s progress and to talk about next steps.

Aux dispositions relatives aux restrictions sur les distributeurs de boissons sucrées et à la maigreur excessive contenues dans la loi de Santé, débattue en séance publique de l'Assemblée nationale depuis le 31 mars, vient s'ajouter un article dédié à la dénutrition en Ehpad.

ENHA have released a report presenting an overview of the first Optimal Nutritional Care for All conference. It outlines the ambition of the conference and the commitment signed by all attendees to meet the challenge of undernutrition.